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Helping Your Teens With Mental Issues

March 9, 2020

Mental issue and the overall mental health of our kids is being tested on a daily basis.  What once used to be simple teasing on the school playground has turned into all out global bullying with no end or solution in sight.  In these and other cases the mental health of our teens and young adults are compromised and action needs to be taken.  This is why psychiatric medication management austin and other mental health procedures are being introduced more and more to our kids.

Talk to your kids

Talk to your kids.  When it comes to talking to our kids most of what we say is drowned out by social media, texting and the devices of today.  However, it is important that we take the time to actually sit down and talk to our kids.  We need to let them know that they are loved and that we are proud of what they are doing and their accomplishments.

Remove distractions

The world is filled with distractions.  Social media, videos, instant content and the need to share their lives to the world are starting to make a slew of distractions which are taking their toll on our children.  As parents it is much easier to allow these devices to rule our children’s lives.  Similar to the television babysitter of the eighties, the smartphones of the 2000’s and beyond are now the new babysitters.

Set limits

psychiatric medication management austin

It is important that we set limits to our kids.  We are still the adults and parents.  Kids may be more advanced and have access to a lot of information, however, if we allow them to take control issues can happen.   This is why setting limits to device usage, internet use and more is a good thing.  It is important for our children’s mental health to turn off the devices every once and a while and allow them to be kids. 

Taking these steps and adjusting for your specific child will help move things forward.  Then once we have a grasp of the situation we can more easily adjust.